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Welcome to Celtic Whispers, a Fantasy themed Meditation and Mythology app set in the Celtic Spiritual Tradition, and a guide for those looking for a more meaningful way to live in harmony with your community and the environment. Brimming with the legends and lore of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Britain; Celtic Whispers is a brilliant introduction to the sacred wisdom of the Celtic Path.

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 The people called "The Celts" formed a society that existed at one time in Europe. The Celts were a warrior culture yet they were also great storytellers, extremely artistic and a spiritually sensitive people who did not overthrow the beliefs and rituals of indigenous people, rather they honoured them, gradually absorbing them into their own culture.


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"Earth Pulse" attunes your mind and body to the heartbeat of our planet, evoking a deeper connection with the Earth and all sentient beings. The music has been tuned to 432 Hertz, which is known as the harmonic intonation of nature.



  • An introduction to Mindfulness and the Celtic Spiritual Tradition with guided and unguided Awakening sessions sprinkled with Ancient Celtic Triads and Gaelic Proverbs.
  • For the Celts, there was no separation between the world of humanity and the Otherworld, that of the spirits and creatures, or between nature and the subtle process of creation.


  • Created by top Druids our Binaural Beats help you access deeper states of meditation, relaxation, focus, learning and healing, which in turn promote increased health, happiness and prosperity.
  • Scientifically proven and used for Meditation, Sleep, Creativity, Focus and Motivation, Binaural beats provide you with the same benefits as hours of deep meditation, without having to practice meditation like a zen monk.


  • Our Guided visualisation meditations are a great starting point for your journey into the world of Meditation, as you mind can focus on the story, without worrying about your technique.
  • Inside you’ll visit Enchanted Forests, meet your Animal Guides, bath in Aura cleansing waterfalls, and listen to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, all under the watchful eye of the most famous druid of them all.


  • An interactive Map of the mystical sites of Ireland, with narrated Myths and Legends. From Druids and Priestesses, Legendary Heroes and Warriors, mythological Gods and Goddesses, we find the essence of our spiritual identity through the sharing of Ireland’s Ancient Stories.
  • We’re also including a series of real world Quests. Be the first to find the sacred gifts of the Tuatha DéDanann, the Original Gods of Ireland. Seek out the Stone of Righteousness, the Sword of Justice, the Cauldron of Hospitality and the Spear of Victory.


  • A collection of popular Celtic radio stations like Celtic Moon, Celtic Songstress and Ye Ol’ Celtic Pub to name but a few. But there are many more beautiful artists waiting to be discovered.
  • Celtic Music has a deeply calming effect and can be seen from world famous artists like Clannad and Enya. With our collection of popular internet based Celtic Radio stations you’ll enjoy a sense of Celtic Calm throughout your day.



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According to ancient Celtic Lore, the seventh son possesses the power to heal people by simply touching them. It works, whether you believe it or not. Maybe it's due to a placebo effect – the Faith Healers could trigger the body’s healing mechanism. Maybe it’s a genuine Irish magic, one we haven’t figured out a way to quantify or explain through scientific methodology, Yet. However you feel about it, the laying on of hands by Faith Healers with ‘the Cure’ has been shown, throughout the centuries, to ease, or end a lot of suffering.



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